>This is a month-long thing. When you write a 50,000 word novel in a month. The longest thing I’ve ever written so far was only 10,000 words, and it took me a year. So I’ll be uploading parts of my story (We’re not allowed to start writing until November, but I’m excited as piss.) about twice a week over the month. I want you all to do me a favor. Just COMPLETELY lose all respect for me as a writer if I don’t finish this. I need motivation in the form of fear of humiliation.
The tentative title is “A Stroll.” Will keep you posted.


About flaminglog

I am a novelist, a poet, and a musician. I love to create things. That is who I am. Who are you? (I'd love to meet you.)
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5 Responses to >NaNoWriMo

  1. infostation says:

    >I'm looking forward to this. Something so tough as 50,000 words in a month and making a good story is quite a challenge. I wish you the best.

  2. Anthony A. says:

    >Thanks! I hope it works out well, too.

  3. Fuuuuuuuu says:

    >Wow, that's a lofty goal… good luck!

  4. RoodNverse says:

    >understood i well help by doing that , and look forward to your post

  5. Lemmiwinks says:

    >Great post!looking forward to reading the next one

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