>My attempt at a rap…

>Click this


About flaminglog

I am a novelist, a poet, and a musician. I love to create things. That is who I am. Who are you? (I'd love to meet you.)
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10 Responses to >My attempt at a rap…

  1. Le Coq Bleu says:

    >Oh god when i saw your title in the blogroll i thought it was incomplete and i was thinking it read: My first attempt at rap…e. Damn 😦

  2. Brandon B. says:

    >Um was that a guy beat boxing in the background?http://thisaffectsyou.blogspot.com/

  3. L says:

    >I lol'd hard :L

  4. Anthony A. says:

    >That was me beatboxing in the background of my own recording. And glad you got a kick out of it!

  5. The dude says:

    >well i really dont like rap but… keep it up i guess and some clik on my blog i did the same.

  6. oh lawds says:

    >day job, don't quit it

  7. Jacobkay says:

    >lol.. that was…good I guess 😛

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