>My Jawb

>Really, I am starting to HATE my job. I’m a cashier in a grocery store. There is no lower link on the chain of employment… except perhaps unemployment. Really, I’m being yelled at because I don’t know where pickled fried peppers go. Who BUYS that?
So on a lighter note, I’m going to try to continue to write better stories for you guys on a daily basis. If I miss a day, I was probably busy. But please continue to visit, and leave criticism! I strive to improve. Who knows? If I keep getting followers and site traffic increases, I might even be able to quit my job. Keep those fingers crossed!


About flaminglog

I am a novelist, a poet, and a musician. I love to create things. That is who I am. Who are you? (I'd love to meet you.)
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9 Responses to >My Jawb

  1. Spoon God says:

    >First time i've ever heard of a pickled fried pepper, and I wouldn't buy that just from hearing the name!http://spoongod.blogspot.com/

  2. MisterFlowzz says:

    >Damn dude, pickeled fried peppers…http://misterflowz.blogspot.com/showin the love

  3. Jlatupee says:

    >Hey guy, fyi i live my job.

  4. KC. says:

    >LoL you look adorable. Pickled fried peppers?Stop making stuff up.

  5. Anthony A. says:

    >Okay. On wednesday, I'm going to put up a picture of the pickled fried peppers because I still work there.

  6. sentenal01 says:

    >Fellow /b/rother, I have done as you requested. Now, I ask you do the same for me.http://portal2news.com/0b848

  7. KC. says:

    >Awesome? Not sure if want lol

  8. lol4today says:

    >ID hate to be a cashier cause i yeal at them all the time! LOLhttp://lol4today.blogspot.com/Supportingg!

  9. >Ouch, maybe it's time to find a new job.

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