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>Joe vs Kühlschrank

>hey fridge hiking manyou keep carrying that fridgeyou fucking badass Advertisements

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>Watch this while I work on my next story.


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>My attempt at a rap…

>Click this

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>Sal Jackson 1-2

>Table of Contents WAIT! Read this first.               I soon learned that it was indeed backwards in time. When I woke up, several days after that, I saw a calendar. It read: July 27, 1950. 7 months later, I said … Continue reading

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>OBSOLETE: An Encyclopedia

> OBSOLETE: An Encyclopedia

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>Let me just say one thing.

>If you are using Internet Explorer… Stop using internet explorer. It is unstable, cluttered, and slow. Use Firefox or Chrome. You’re welcome. (inb4 flamewar)

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>Ocean 2

>Table of Contents Part One Back on the Dovetailer which had since moved 15 miles west, Victoria shouted at the top of her lungs “Land, ho!” as a small peak pierced the horizon. Gail and Jacob looked excitedly to the … Continue reading

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