Recently I’ve been relying increasingly on unproven, extreme, fringe theories to explain things. Like for example the controversial yet recently popular and widespread “Multiverse” theory.
This theory states that the universe is suspended in a blank, multi-dimensional medium, which houses all universes across all dimensions. Sometimes universes split and sometimes they conjoin.
Though it is far more likely that they split.
When the universe splits, in one universe is the universe that results from one decision being made and in another is the universe that results from another decision being made.
There are of course an infinite amount of universes for the simple fact that every time anyone does anything at any time it splits.
For example, in one universe, you said yes to a girl who told you they liked you, and in another you refused.
In each universe, that version of you will forever be oblivious to what would have happened if you took the alternate route. In some ways this is incomprehensibly sad.
Now, occasionally, a completely random sequence of events results in two parallel universes becoming exactly the same. It is in this instance that they conjoin.
What this theory implies is that anything that is physically possible, for example, you becoming a celebrity and dating Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie (at the same time), has happened or will happen in a parallel universe. Of course this isn’t likely. Let’s estimate the chances of this happening at roughly 1:2^2097. This means that for every universe that you’re dating Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie in, there are 2^2097 (Or rather roughly 1.81 * 10^621) universes in which you are not.
So in one universe, I had the courage to say something I didn’t say. In another, I stayed the course and became valedictorian. In another, i have upheld my childhood dream of becoming a famous NASCAR driver. There’s even one in which I invented the infinite-transport system and that version of me is in the process of visiting all the other parallel universes. Can’t wait for him to get here. Maybe in his world things are going better for me.
But on the other hand, in a parallel universe, I never met any of my friends and I live my life alone. In another, both my parents are dead, and when I told my friends at school… None of them heard me.
I think the one I’m in is a fairly neutral version of the universe, as are almost all of them.
Anyway, this is one of the theories that helps me sleep at night.


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I am a novelist, a poet, and a musician. I love to create things. That is who I am. Who are you? (I'd love to meet you.)
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