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Flying Humvees? No, I’m not joking!

Instead of improving current, tried-and-true helicopter designs, the United States Military has decided that a better idea would be building a flying Humvee. A $3 million grant was given to AAI Corporation, which is based in Maryland, by the Pentagon to begin testing the vehicle. An additional $1 million was given by DARPA to the Rocketdyne corporation to manufacture a diesel engine for it. (And, ladies and gentlemen, this is where your tax dollars go.)

According to the Pentagon, the vehicle will “combine the advantages of ground vehicles and helicopters into a single vehicle equipped with flexibility of movement.” In other words, like most other ridiculously cool technology, the flying car of the future has arrived, and it is reserved for the army. … And it’s a Hummer.

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Hello! This will be a blog about strange science news.

I look forward to providing you with interesting, new experiments in various fields of scientific exploration. Enjoy!

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>It was a Monday that a
(the headlights, I will not forget)
crashed into the driver’s side
I know my son, he must have cried
off my shoulders my head flied
and the windsheild it met.

My son, from the back seat.
A scream I would never hear.
Never, ever, this I fear.
No longer do I have an ear.
That part of me is creamed.

The firemen came with jaws of life.
No hate I feel for them, they tried their best.
They saved my son from the metal nest.
That pierced me roughly through my chest
So I have met my fate.

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>Short Poem-thing because you all deserve something, I have done nothing for too long.

>Table of Contents

A cat.
It’s my cat.
Look at her purr.
Her name is Molly.
She is shedding her fur.
Getting it on my new shirt.
That dang cat has got no manners.
I’d train it but you can’t train a cat.
She’s okay the rest of the time.
I’m watching her sleep right now.
That would be creepy, but…
She’s only a cat.
And thank goodness,
Cat’s don’t care.
They don’t.

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>Anthony- Day 6 Song: Wal-Mart


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>River Song


River, river, flowing softly, did you turn a bend?
Steady, silent, never violent, look, the rocks you rend.
Can you hear me, little river, singing to you here?
Carving grooves, you always move, and nothing do you fear.

Flow on, flow on! I’ll sing my song, and you’ll sing yours.
Water, glide gently on your way, leisurely tour.
Don’t mind me, river, I’m just a man, I’m doomed to die.
You’ll never end, flow on, my friend, from sources high.

Covered in ice, shining in white, safe in winter’s arms.
Steady flowing, softly glowing, to you can come no harm.
As in a fable, if I am able, I’ll amble alongside
And if I’m tired, and so inspired, I’ll build a boat to ride.

Home to many, life aplenty, water crystal clear.
Through the woodlands, your quiet call sends, peace for all to hear.
Don’t forget me, little river, someday I will return.
You have much to teach young souls, and I have much to learn.

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